Antigravity Gua Sha
Antigravity Gua Sha
Antigravity Gua Sha
Antigravity Gua Sha

Antigravity Gua Sha

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What it is: an obsidian facial massage tool that has a lifting, tightening, and de-puffing effect on the skin. Its ribbed side allows for a deeper targeted treatment.

  • Relieves muscle tension, which creates a relaxation effect in the skin and aids in the reduction of wrinkles.
  • Helps to increase collagen production with its ability to enhance microcirculation and oxygen to the skin, resulting in firmer skin.
  • Decreases puffiness and inflammation by helping with lymphatic drainage, leaving the skin looking more toned and chiseled.

    As a skincare brand, It's our duty to mitigate our ecological footprint in order to help prevent the climate crises and secure a better future for life on Earth.

    For every single product sold at Loa Skin, we purchase 1 tree along with carbon credits which offsets the carbon emissions from shipping our products to customers. View our full reforestation and carbon offset impact here.

    Our shipping materials are almost entirely made of paper, and our glass bottles are fully recyclable. In terms of our formula, we don't use any ingredients derived from animals or palm oil, which come from some of the world's most environmentally destructive industries.

    Want to know more? Visit our sustainability page.

    How it combats gravity and aging skin

    The Antigravity Gua Sha is an effective massage tool for aging skin that features a larger design than the standard Gua sha, with the unique addition of a curved comb edge. This allows for both a facial and full body treatment, providing an unparalleled level of lymphatic drainage, fascia release, and increased microcirculation.

    Pairing these effects together, the Antigravity Gua Sha promotes collagen and oxygen generation, helping to firm, lift, and de-puff the skin for a renewed and youthful appearance. Through consistent use, facial and body massage offers one of the best ways to combat the negative effects of gravity and aging skin.

    Unique Shape

    Made of Obsidian

    Carbon Offsets



    How to


    Daily Gua Sha use has been shown to drastically increase microcirculation in the skin by 400%.

    How It's Created

    Gua Sha originated and has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing and pain-relieving method. Our Antigravity Gua Sha is meticulously handcrafted and carved from black obsidian stone in Dongguan city, China.

    Black obsidian is a type of hard glass material that’s naturally formed from rapidly cooled volcanic lava. Obsidian typically forms when lava pours into a lake or sea where it instantly cools and consolidates. It’s extremely rich in non-crystalline silica (up to 80%), making it different from gemstones and more structurally unique.

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    Tammy G.
    Canada Canada
    18 January 2022

    Exhilarating. Refreshing. Rejuvenating.

    I love the size of this gua sha. It’s feels so smooth and relaxing. My skin is loving it! I use it in the morning to help de-puff my face and it makes me feel more awake and refreshed looking! I also use it on the back of my neck to massage the muscles. It’s really excellent!

    Hema S.
    Canada Canada
    17 January 2022

    Easy to use, refreshing

    I have been using for just over 2weeks now and my skin feels youthful and refreshed

    Beatrize R.
    Canada Canada
    11 September 2021

    Perfect for self care days!!

    Loved it! This is the second gua sha that I’ve ever purchased after I dropped and shattered my first one. Compared to the one that I owned previously from a different brand, the loa is larger in size and I personally find that the larger size actually makes it sit more comfortably in my hand, as well as covers more surface area of my face. I also enjoy the combed edge which is something that I don’t see on many gua shas, I feel that the combed edge allows the gua sha to get a better hold of my skin, which makes it feel more effective. Overall great product, would recommend to anyone.

    Charleen S.
    Canada Canada
    23 August 2021

    Love the obsidian!!

    Loved the cool feel on my skin. Would love some indication on how to use the Gua Sha. YouTube video?? The oil/beauty elixir and the Gua Sha really complement each other.

    Stephanie M.
    Canada Canada
    08 July 2021

    Power Duo! Gua Sha + Loa Oil

    I recently started using the newest Loa product, their Gua Sha tool. I have heard quite a bit about Gua Sha and it's many benefits for circulation, firming and collagen product. BUT... as a micro current user, Gua Sha is essential to prep the skin. When I have used this tool prior to my micro current treatment, the results are 10/10 and a profound difference. I recommend you use the jagged edge to lightly buff over the problem / deep wrinkled areas. Stroke the Gua Sha both up and down and then sideways to loosen fascia causing lines and moving fluid out of the area (jowls). You don't need to go deep but only very surface movements across the area. I repeat this over each area twice a day on tough areas such as my L's between my eyes. It's also an incredible way to deepen the affects of the Loa serum or other products you may be using. I use the flat surface to pull across my cheeks and forehead and the heart shaped edge for jowls and cheek bones also. Finally using the flat edge I move fluid outward toward the ears and then down from the chin toward my heart to drain toxins out of the lymph. Very impressed with the quality of product, price point. What a great power duo to purchase; Loa oil + Gua Sha. Awesome new product launch Loa!