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Antigravity Gua Sha
A facial massage tool carved from obsidian.
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Botanical Beauty Elixir
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Our Story

Our story began when co-founders Spencer and Tyler invented an effective solution for their skin issues, which had manifested as acne and chronically dry skin throughout their teenage and early adult life. After years of research and a startling scientific discovery, they created Botanical Beauty Elixir—an unrivalled multifunctional moisturizer which works to bring the skin back to its healthy state of renewal.

Loa Skin was brought to life along with the core fundamental values that both co-founders shared of inclusivity, animal welfare, environmental protection, plant-based nutrition, and science-driven results. As a conscious beauty brand, our goal is to empower people from all walks of life to overcome their skin adversity and claim their inherent right to natural beauty. We hope you'll join us in taking the new approach to beauty.

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Our Journey to Sustainability

LOA stands for Land, Ocean, and Air. From inception, we've taken an environmentally conscious approach to how we run our business. This starts with our Botanical Beauty Elixir formula, where animal and palm oil-derived ingredients have been strictly avoided. While lesser known, palm oil production has bred one of the most environmentally destructive industries on Earth and has led to the critical endangerment of the Orangutan species and a dangerously high release of Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere. In terms of our packaging, our Elixir bottle is made out of violet glass with ink that's printed directly onto it. Our Antigravity Gua Sha is made out of black obsidian—a hard glass material naturally formed from volcanic lava.

We're deeply concerned with the environmental state of our planet, and we will soon be announcing partnerships where we'll help to fund important carbon reduction and reforestation projects globally.

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Intelligent Formula

Botanical Beauty Elixir is a powerful lightweight moisturizing-serum that elevates skin health. It draws together 15 botanicals from around the world, delivering omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids, plant nutrients, and the world's most potent antioxidant—astaxanthin. Often referred to as Liquid Gold, it provides an unmatched level of hydration, nourishment, breakout prevention, redness reduction, and repairing of problem skin.

We take an unconventional, and scientifically advanced approach to our formulation. We manufacture it ourselves in small batches in order to ensure quality and efficacy with every bottle. The powerhouse of our formula comes from our Infusion process, where we take scientifically studied botanicals and extract their fat-soluble phytonutrients into our base ingredients—chanelling their multifaceted efficacy into skin regeneration.

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I love the product. It goes on light and I found it smoothes my skin. That includes wrinkles. I also had some face eczema that went away.

Craig P.


Incredible. Whether it’s acne, eczema, or just simply wanting beautiful skin - Botanical Beauty Elixir is unbeatable.

Jada P.


My skin has literally never been better! My acne has calmed down greatly as well as my redness and dryness. I no longer consider myself to have acne-prone skin.

Kristen W.


I always order loa as part of my moisturising set. Its a quality luxurious product without the price tag. I feel like I have come out of a salon after using it.

Maria A.


Only product that we've been able to find that actually helped my husband's psoriasis.

Megan D.


It's the most incredible product I've ever used. My dry dehydrated scalp (result of some health issues) has been made soothed & moisturized by this oil, calming itch, redness & scalp inflammation down to little to none.

J H.
United States


Really great for both my daily skin routine and soothing my eczema (which is persistent and terrible in the winter months).

Meaghan L.


I’m a repeat customer because this product has been great for my rosacea and extremely sensitive skin. I truly love this product.

Michelle J.
United States