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Curated articles to overcome skin adversity

Causes of skin inflammation

The Causes of Skin Inflammation and How to Treat It

We've all dealt with some form of skin inflammation at one point or another, whether that be from a scratch or an allergic reaction. The truth is, our skin is complicated. It uses highly intelligen...

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Gua Sha facial massage tool

The Science Behind Gua Sha Facial Massage Tools

Currently all the rage in the beauty world, facial massage tools are rising in popularity in the skincare community. Facial massage tools are commonly used to relax, firm, and even tone the skin, h...

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Three layers of skin diagram

The Three Layers of Skin and How They Function

The three layers of skin make up an intricate network, where they deeply intercommunicate and serve numerous critical functions for the health of our skin and bodies. Find out how each layer functi...

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non-comedogenic oils

Master List of 30+ Non-Comedogenic Oils for Clear Skin

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet. Many oils have been deemed as non-comedogenic, when in fact, they are. In this article, you’ll learn why an oil is either comedogeni...

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Skin microbiome

Exploring the Skin Microbiome and Its 1.5 Trillion Microbes

The skin microbiome consists of a massive colony of 1.5 trillion microorganisms that live on our skin. We break down the critical functions it serves for our skin's health, how it relates to condit...

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Oils for psoriasis

Treat Psoriasis With Oils: Why Omega-3 is Key to Clear Skin

Psoriasis has become a very common skin disease, affecting at least 2% of the world's population. It's perhaps one of the least understood skin diseases since its direct cause has largely been misu...

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Treat Acne Through Diet: The Gut-Skin Connection

Treat Acne Through Diet: The Gut-Skin Connection

After many failed attempts of trying to treat acne vulgaris using topical creams, people are often prescribed Accutane pills. However, they come along with many potentially dangerous side effects. ...

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Natural sunscreen

The Best Natural Sunscreens For Face With Non-Whitening Zinc Oxide

The use of sunscreen has become a very controversial topic for many different reasons, and rightfully so.  Chemical-based sunscreens are increasingly becoming a bigger health concern, with the only...

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Comedogenic oils that worsen acne-prone skin

43 Comedogenic Oils That Worsen Acne-Prone Skin

While some oils are great for the skin, many unfortunately are not. A ratio of high oleic acid to low linoleic acid makes oils bad for eczema, acne, and other dry and inflamed skin conditions. We'v...

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3 Toxic Skin Care Products to Give Up in 2021

3 Toxic Skin Care Products to Give Up in 2021

We're currently living in a knowledge-abundant society. With access to Google and medical journals, we can judge for ourselves on which types of products and ingredients are good for us, and which...

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Oil cleansing for rosacea, acne and aging skin

How Oil Cleansing Benefits Rosacea, Acne & Aging Skin

While mainstream cleansers have been a normal part of beauty routines for decades, they're hiding a pretty nasty secret. Oil cleansing, on the other hand, is an effective alternative. Delivering es...

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Featured Articles


Desiree Nielsen Weighs In on the Link Between Diet & Skin

Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian based in Vancouver, BC whose consulting practice focuses on inflammation, digestion and plant-centred diets. Desiree is the best selling author of...

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Ingredient Spotlight

Evening Primrose Oil: Why It's The Best Skin Moisturizer

You probably have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in your kitchen, but have you heard of evening primrose oil? While it may not be as tasty on a salad as olive oil, It's one of the most effective...

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Question & Answer

Is gender-specific skincare necessary?

We always see the classic ‘Men 3 in 1’ products for the face, body, and hair at the drugstore, with the grey packaging that is marketed toward men.


Will Shea Butter Clog My Pores?

Shea butter has become an extremely popular skincare ingredient, especially for dry skin. It can be found in everything from creams to moisturizers.


Chemical or mineral sunscreens?

In an attempt to protect ourselves from the sun's UV rays, it has, for the most part, backfired on us. From zinc-oxide based mineral sunscreens to chemical.


Is alcohol denat in skincare safe?

We all know by now that alcohol is bad for our health. What about our skin and why is this so-called aclohol denat on so many ingredient lists?


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How-To Guides

How to recycle our skincare products

Are you a sustainability maven and want to ensure that you're recycling our products in the correct way?


Treating acne with oils high in linoleic acid

Contrary to what skin care experts and dermatologists tell us, acne-prone skin is deficient in linoleic acid.


A guide to identifying vegan skincare

The vegan and cruelty-free movement continues to grow at a rapid pace, as people are wanting to live a more ethical life.


How to prevent dry winter skin

With the colder weather comes the drier air (especially indoors), harsher winds, and the dry, chapped, skin.