Causes of skin inflammation
We've all dealt with some form of skin inflammation at one point or another, whether that be from a scratch or an allergic reaction. The truth is, our skin is complicated....
Gua Sha facial massage tool
Currently all the rage in the beauty world, facial massage tools are rising in popularity in the skincare community. Facial massage tools are commonly used to relax, firm, and even...
Three layers of skin diagram
The three layers of skin make up an intricate network, where they deeply intercommunicate and serve numerous critical functions for the health of our skin and bodies. Find out how each layer functions, their cellular processes, and their important components.
non-comedogenic oils
There’s a lot of misinformation circulating around the internet. Many oils have been deemed as non-comedogenic, when in fact, they are. In this article, you’ll learn why an oil is either comedogenic or not, and we'll provide you with a list of oils you can use in your skin care arsenal.
Skin microbiome
The skin microbiome consists of a massive colony of 1.5 trillion microorganisms that live on our skin. We break down the critical functions it serves for our skin's health, how it relates to conditions like acne and eczema, how you're potentially harming it, and how and how you can keep it healthy.
Oils for psoriasis
Psoriasis has become a very common skin disease, affecting at least 2% of the world's population. It's perhaps one of the least understood skin diseases since its direct cause has...
Treat Acne Through Diet: The Gut-Skin Connection
After many failed attempts of trying to treat acne vulgaris using topical creams, people are often prescribed Accutane pills. However, they come along with many potentially dangerous side effects.  What you'll most likely never hear from a conventional doctor, is that acne is a direct result of diet and lifestyle choices, as the root cause originates from within the body.
Natural sunscreen
The use of sunscreen has become a very controversial topic for many different reasons, and rightfully so.  Chemical-based sunscreens are increasingly becoming a bigger health concern, with the only mineral-based alternatives...