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Article: How to Recycle LOA SKIN Products

How to Recycle LOA SKIN Products
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How to Recycle LOA SKIN Products

As a botanical skin care company in the ever-increasing beauty space, it’s our duty to mitigate our ecological footprint in order to help secure a better future for life on Earth.

To minimize our environmental impact, we’ve put deep consideration into our products, our business practices, and how we can give back to the environment. To start with, not only do we prioritize using sustainably sourced ingredients, we have designed many of the components in our packaging to be either reused or recyclable.

How to recycle your LOA SKIN products and packaging

Shipping Box

All LOA SKIN orders are shipped in cardboard boxes with cardboard inserts. Due to the design of our shipping components, there is no need for any additional styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap while still fully protecting the items. All of the cardboard packaging and inserts can be recycled in the cardboard recycling bins.

Botanical Recovery Serum

There are two ways to recycle our Botanical Recovery Serum bottle. You can either drop off the entire bottle at a Terracycle location that accepts beauty products (just make sure to clean it beforehand), or you can separate the individual components and recycle it yourself.

Recycling option #1: drop off at a Terracycle location

Terracycle is a global recycling program that is funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help consumers collect and recycle the products that are often hard to recycle, such as skincare containers, foil-lined bags, and even Swiffer dusters! Certain brands offer a program where you can mail in (free of charge) or drop off your brand-specific products and the components will be broken down and recycled. To read more about Terrcycle and its programs, check it out here

If you're in Canada, Formula Fig facial bar and Holt Renfrew also offer cosmetic recycling programs where you can just drop the products off.

Recycling option #2: recycle it at home

If you don’t have the time to travel to a physical location that offers Terracycle and would just rather recycle the Botanical Recovery Serum bottle yourself, that’s an option too. You just need to separate the bottle into its individual components and place them into the correct receptacles.

Here's how to recycle your Botanical Recovery Serum bottle:

1. Separate the dropper from the bottle.

2. Remove the small plastic ring from the glass bottle.

3. Gently loosen and separate the glass dropper from the rubber squeeze handle.

4. Push the rubber piece downwards through the large plastic ring.

5. Clean any components that have residual oil on them.
6. Recycle the glass in the glass recycling.
7. Recycle the plastic components.
8. Dispose of the rubber component.

    Alternative method: reuse your bottle

    If you’d like to reuse your Botanical Recovery Serum bottle for another solution, that’s great too. Just thoroughly wash and disinfect the glass dropper and bottle, and you could always reuse the bottle as a container for hand sanitizer, propagating plants, and for essential oil blends if you like to buy them in bulk.

    Antigravity Gua Sha

    Our Antigravity Gua Sha is made from black obsidian, which is a beautiful volcanic glass naturally formed by cooled volcanic lava. If you ever need to recycle your gua sha, you can just place it in the glass recycling. If the gua sha is still intact and safe to use, we’d suggest cleaning it and then regifting it to a friend who’d love to depuff and destress!

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