Loa Oil

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LOA OIL is a multi-correctional serum, providing omega-3 & 6 fatty acids as well as powerful phytonutrients extracted from whole herbs for elevated skin health.

Expected Results: Glowing, clear skin accompanied with long-lasting hydration. Reduction in breakouts, redness, acne, and eczema. Slows the effects of aging.

Use: Apply to face & body for effortless absorption. For all skin types.

NOTE: Loa Oil is currently out of stock. We'll be launching our new, exciting formula in early January 2020.

LOA OIL can be used morning and night as an all-over moisturizer (face and body), as well as an oil cleanser.

Safe to use on all skin types, especially sensitive, to bring balance to the skin's natural hydrating functions.

Did you know if you have excessively oily or dry skin, you're lacking omega 3s and 6s topically? These are your polyunsaturated fatty acids, and they're not naturally produced by the human body.

LOA OIL only contains polyunsaturated oils, sinking into the skin effortlessly without leaving a greasy residue.

LOA OIL replaces traditional water-based moisturizing products such as lotions (70% - 80% water), creams, serums, and body butters.

It also replaces all other oil-based products that tend to be overpriced and filled with monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acids (olive, marula, avocado, etc) that are proven to cause damage to the skin's moisture barrier, which in turn worsens dryness, oiliness, breakouts, and inflammatory conditions over time.


Evening Primrose Oil  Containing 10% of the rare omega-6 essential fat GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and an extremely high linoleic acid content (one of the most critical nutrients for skin integrity), evening primrose oil has proven itself in numerous studies for its ability to enhance the skin’s moisture barrier and significantly improve dry and irritated skin issues.

Calendula — Commonly known as marigold, this bright yellow flower is infused into our formula at a high concentration. It improves skin hyrdration, helps to protect against photoaging caused by UV rays, and is renowned for relieving irritations.

Gotu Kola — Traditionally used in Ayurveda, gotu kola is packed full of numerous soothing terpenoid compounds which stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. Gotu kola is infused into our formula alongside calendula, lending itself as a powerful youth-promoting tool.


Evening primrose oil*, hemp seed oil*, calendula flower*, gotu kola leaf*, licorice root*, tamanu oil*, plantain leaf*, rosemary CO2 extract*, palmarosa essential oil*, tea tree essential oil*, frankincense essential oil*, geranium essential oil*. *Signifies an organic ingredient

Learn more about our ingredients here.


— Vegan 
— Cruelty-free
— Palm oil-free
— Natural & organically sourced
— Formulated utilizing the latest scientific literature



I've never used oil on my skin. Will this product make me breakout?
No way Jose! LOA OIL naturally helps to balance the skin with its essential fatty acids meaning this is a non comedogenic product that helps to lower the overproduction of omega 9 fatty acids which clogs pores and contribute to acne. 

How long will my package take to arrive? 
All packages are shipped out within 48 hours and then vary by location...
Canada: 2-4 business days 
USA: 2-5 business days 
International: 1-3 weeks (depends on destination country)

What's your return policy? 
If you're unsatisfied with any of our products or offerings, please reach out to us to arrange a return and we will provide you a full refund, no questions asked. 

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