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Journal > The Science of Skin

The Science of Skin

The Causes of Skin Inflammation and How to Treat It

We've all dealt with some form of skin inflammation at one point or another, whether that be from a scratch or an allergic reaction.

The truth is, our skin is complicated. It uses highly intelligent processes to deliberately create inflammation in the form of pain and redness, all to protect us from harm. 


The Three Layers of Skin and How They Function

Human skin is wildly misunderstood. On a basic level, we all know it protects our bodies from outside assaults.

Have you ever wondered how a wound heals, why our skin sheds so frequently, and how our bodies stay warm? These are just a few mysterious ways our skin does what it does.

But, what even is the skin, and how does it work?


Exploring the Skin Microbiome and Its 1.5 Trillion Microbes

The gut microbiome has garnered special attention in recent years, but what about the skin microbiome?

As you'll find out, the skin microbiome is simply vital for the health of our skin and is responsible for the severity of many different inflammatory conditions.