LOA OIL takes a new approach to beauty. Rich in omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids and soothing phytonutrients, our 12 powerful botanicals work synergistically together to effectively soothe dry, problematic issues while promoting clear skin.

The powerhouse of our formula is the LOA infusion, where terpenoids and other phytonutrients are extracted into organic hemp seed oil from four unique herbs. The end result is a luscious, light-weight moisturizer that makes a great base layer for makeup, an everyday moisturizer, or a deep conditioning treatment for hair and nails.



Oenothera biennis // grown in China

Evening primrose oil has proven itself as a skin-savior, and is perhaps one of the most balanced fatty acid-rich oils for human skin. Containing a 9% concentration of the rare omega-6 essential fat GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and an extremely high linoleic acid content (one of the most important nutrients for skin integrity), evening primrose oil has proven itself in numerous studies for its ability to enhance the skin’s moisture barrier and significantly improve dry and inflammatory skin conditions


Grown in Canada

Hemp Seed Oil is derived from one of the world's most sustainable crops. This dark emerald-green oil is filled with omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids, inluding the rare SDA (stearidonic acid) and GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which are critical for skin health. Hemp Seed Oil is known for its fast absorption into the skin, where it immediately hydrates and soothes problematic issues.

Visit our Hemp Seed Oil article here to learn more about its skin benefits.


Calophyllum inophyllum // grown in Vietnam

Coming from the tropical islands of Polynesia, tamanu oil was historically used as a restorative tool for a number of skin ailments. In our modern-day world, science has proven its historic use. Filled with potent phytonutrients, it can be used to simulate the prolieration of collagen, helping to protect and soothe wounds, insect bites, burns, and rashes. In fact, this major study proved tamanu oil has antibiotic properties, and is capable of inhibiting a wide range of bacterial growth.


Rosmarinus officinalis // grown in China

Rosemary is rich in carnosic acid, and serves as a strong antioxidant for helping to prevent oxidative stress in the skin caused by direct exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants. It’s also used to help preserve the potency of LOA OIL.



Cymbopogon martinii // grown in India

Palmarosa is an essential oil that smells floral, although is extracted from a tall grass. Nonetheless, it has been proven to be one of the most potent antibacterial oils. Its main aromatic constituent, geraniol, enhances immune function in the skin by activating T-cell production. The result is a powerful protection against inflammation, redness, and swelling.


Melaleuca alternifolia // grown in Zimbabwe

Tea tree oil is used for its strong antimicrobial properties, as It's capable of inhibiting a broad spectrum of both fungi and bacteria. Tea tree is notorious now for its use in treating acne, helping to reduce the size of lesions, as well as relieving itching in problem areas.


Boswellia carteri // grown in Somalia

Frankincense is extracted from a tree resin of the Boswellia family in the form of essential oil. It has gone down in history as a natural medicine for numerous skin ailments. It's extremely soothing, helping to calm redness and irritations.


Pelargonium graveolens // grown in Egypt

Geranium is a beautiful floral essential oil, possessing antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It helps to soothe dry and itchy skin, and protect it from free radical damage.



Calendula officinalis // Egypt

Commonly known as marigold, this bright yellow flower has become a staple in skin care around the world. As an anti-inflammatory, it's extremely soothing, epecially for those with itchy and dry skin conditions. Calendula can significantly improve skin hyrdration and firmness, relieve irritations, soothe eczema, and prevent photoaging associated with overexposure to UV rays.


 Centella asiatica // Sri Lanka

Traditionally used in Ayurveda, gotu kola is packed full of numerous terpenoid compounds which act as anti-inflammatories and stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin. As a result, gotu kola offers itself as a powerful tool for aging skin, to significantly improve hydration, and promote wound repair.


Glycyrrhiza glabra // Spain

One of the main components of licorice root is glycyrrhizic acid, which has a number of benefits for the skin. It's a powerful antioxidant, and naturally helps to hydrate, lighten the skin which can lead to reduced hyperpigmentation, reduce itching in problem areas, protect against UV aging, and is a potent antibacterial against the P. acnes bacteria.


Plantago major // Bulgaria

Plantain leaf is considered a weed in many areas in the world. However, herbalists often grow this plant for its multi-use qualities. Plantain contains numerous antioxidant, antibiotic, antimicrobial, and even antiviral compounds. When used on the skin, it can stimulate cell proliferation in wounds, soothe burns, protect against oxidative stress, and has even been shown to be efficient in the treatment of hives.