Free Shipping! Orders over $50+ in Canada + USA

Free Shipping! Orders over $50+ in Canada + USA

Our Sole Purpose
Herbs were once widely used by ancient civilizations for their therapeutic properties. Today, we live in a symptom-based society where we heavily rely on synthetic drugs, without ever getting to the root cause of health issues.

At LŌA, we believe in the power of plants to heal and protect our bodies, and want to get as close to our natural way of living as possible.

We have gathered some of the most potent scientifically-proven botanicals found on Earth to help heal the underlying causes of skin conditions. Our proprietary infusing process allows us to naturally extract the important compounds found in whole plants, and synergize them all together into one working force.
Our Promise To You

Against Animal Cruelty

Lōa is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We do not test finished products on animals, and only purchase from ingredient suppliers who do not test on animals as well. Also, we refuse to use unsustainable ingredients like palm oil, which is widely used by the cosmetics industry, and extremely damaging to biodiverse rainforests.

Healthy Ingredients

All of the ingredients we use are organic or non-GMO. We don't use any synthetic or toxic ingredients, including preservatives, emulsifiers, and fragrances. We fill our current product with cold-pressed oils, whole herb-infusions, and antioxidants to strengthen and balance the skin.


Lōa represents land, ocean, and air. We chose this name because we have a genuine love for our planet and all living things, and know that nature provides everything needed to sustain life. We stand for honesty and high ethics, and are actively striving to be different than other skin care companies by combining quality with affordability. Our thirst for knowledge motivates us each and every day to pinpoint the most effective skin-enhancing botanicals, so we can continuously evolve our current and future products.
Our Story
Currently running as a one-man show, Spencer Angeltvedt concieved the idea to create Lōa years ago. Although it has gone through many name changes before its inception (some pretty hilarious ones), the direction has always remained clear: Finding answers to common problems.

His journey began over 5 years ago when he found nothing seemed to work for his dry, sensitive skin. The drugstore products he was using were actually drying out his skin even more, which prompted him to do some research on the issue.

He soon found out that virtually all cosmetic products sold on the mainstream market were filled with toxic ingredients. After knowing first hand that they weren't good for his skin, he learned some of these ingredients can also absorb into the blood stream and cause a whole host of health implications - increased cancer risk, hormone imbalances, and liver toxicity.

So naturally, Spencer began experimenting with simple oils like rosehip and grapeseed, and noticed an almost immediate difference with his dry skin. He eventually discovered the added benefits of herbs, and learned how to infuse them into oils to make them even more effective.

Up until now, Spencer has done extensive research into hundreds of different botanicals. He has mastered his craft of formulating high-potency blends using both ancient and modern techniques.

This journey has lead him to take on a healthy, vegan lifestyle.

Lōa is a reflection of his love for nature, health, and beauty.