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Limited Edition Release

Plum Noir / Candle

Sale price$58.00

50+ Hour Burn Time

Vegan Formula

Hand Poured

Dive into the sensorial experience of our limited edition release candle, Plum Noir. Damask Plum, Willowleaf Mandarin, and Muguet mingle for a fresh and fruity aroma that brightens your space without overhelming it.

Delve deeper to encounter the rich scents of Jasmine Noir reminiscent of a flower blossoming at night. Find comfort in the warm embrace of Sugared Tonka Bean, Oud Wood, Whipped Musk, and Santal, reminiscent of cozy moments by the fireplace.

Top: Damask Plum, Mandarin & Muguet
Heart: Jasmine Noir, Cassis & Rose Hip
Base: Tonka Bean, Oud Wood & Santal

Key scent notes in formula


A variety of plum known for its distinct fragrance, which combines fruity sweetness with floral and spicy undertones.

Jasmine Noir

A captivating fragrance that balances the sweet, floral beauty of jasmine with dark, sensual undertones.


A warm, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma with hints of vanilla, almond, caramel, and tobacco.


A distinct and recognizable fragrance profile that is warm, woody, creamy, and slightly sweet. Exudes sophistication, tranquility, and warmth.