Loa Skin was born out of the need to empower people from all walks of life to overcome their skin adversity and claim their inherent right to natural beauty. We hope you'll join us in taking the new approach to beauty.

Tyler Yang


With an insatiable appetite for business development and marketing, Tyler brings his experience from companies like Shopify, Salontea, and Retail Insider. Suffering from cystic acne throughout his teens and early adult life, Tyler was driven to co-create Loa Skin as a long term solution to skin worries.

Spencer Angeltvedt


Spencer has nearly a decade of knowledge in formulating products as a result of developing eczema on his hands, as well as rosacea, dry skin, and a mild form of exfoliative chelitis. He's highly educated in botanicals, phytochemicals, and the biological processes of the skin.

Christina Wong


With a passion for people, design, and skincare, Christina brings her experience from managing retail to managing marketing campaigns for SFU. As a long-time lover of skincare, and through lots of trial and error, she always found that simple solutions suited her dry, acne-prone skin best.

Our Journey

We’re a team of humans rambunctious enough to take on what we like to call “big beauty” and challenge our own beliefs when it comes to what we put on our largest organ; our skin. For years, we ourselves struggled with acne, eczema and Cheilitis; which you may know takes a blow to your self esteem — no matter what your age.

We had used everything from luxury and drug store skin care to pharmaceutical-grade tubes of wishful thinking. Frustrated, we set out on a journey to question everything we were told (read: marketed to) about skin care. After endless months of reading the latest scientific studies regarding skin health, we landed upon a pretty major discovery regarding the use of specific fatty-acids to alleviate inflammatory skin conditions; just like the ones we had.

From there we began formulating, or more like concocting, in Spencer’s parent’s kitchen. We wanted to use natural botanicals to execute the science we had discovered. Long nights, lots of Pyrex measuring cups and using ourselves as lab rats later — Loa Skin was finally born. An entirely botanical product developed for people like us, who want to live their lives without skin worries. Four years into our business, we have grown into a manufacturing space, a small team, and many part-time employees.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.