Botanical Beauty Elixir
Botanical Beauty Elixir
Botanical Beauty Elixir
Botanical Beauty Elixir
Botanical Beauty Elixir

Botanical Beauty Elixir

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What it is: a daily multi-correctional serum & lightweight moisturizer in one. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated, glowing and clear.

  • Supercharged with our in-house infusion of 15 powerful botanicals (calendula, echinacea, saw palmetto, etc) which reduce irritation, breakouts, and redness.
  • Extremely rich in omega-3 and 6 essential fatty acids — critical for repairing the skin's moisture barrier, maintaining hydration, and preventing dry skin.
    • Unlike other moisturizers, our Elixir is low in omega-9 — a fatty acid that causes breakouts and disrupts the skin’s moisture barrier when in excess.
    • Contains Astaxanthin, one of the most potent antioxidants ever discovered.


    Astaxanthin: As one of the most potent antioxidants ever discovered, this algae-derived ingredient helps to protect our skin from UV damage. It also has anti-aging benefits in helping to reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth irregular skin texture, and protect against skin wrinkling.

    Evening Primrose: Containing 10% of the rare GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) and a high linoleic acid content, these omega-6 essential fatty acids serve as some of the most critical nutrients for the skin's barrier. They're vital for moisturizing and retaining hydration in the skin, limiting breakouts, and combatting irritation.

    Saw Palmetto: While unusual to see in skincare, It's effective for lowering excess sebum production in the skin. This makes it useful for reducing breakouts and oily skin.

    Calendula: Commonly known as marigold, this bright yellow flower is infused into our formula at a high concentration. It improves skin hydration, helps to protect against photoaging caused by UV rays, and relieves irritations, redness, and dry skin.

    Gotu Kola: Traditionally used in Ayurveda, gotu kola is packed full of numerous soothing terpenoid compounds which stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the skin.


    Evening primrose oil*, hemp oil*, chia oil*, calendula flower*, astragalus root*, echinacea root*, gotu kola leaf*, saw palmetto berry*, licorice root*, turmeric root*, rosemary CO2 extract*, astaxanthin CO2 extract+, bergamot oil+, blue chamomile oil*, jasmine extract+, sunflower oil*. *Organic  +Non-GMO


    — Vegan 
    — Cruelty-free
    — Palm oil-free
    — Natural & organically sourced
    — Formulated utilizing the latest scientific literature

    Will this product make me breakout?

    No way Jose! Botanical Beauty Elixir prevents and helps to eliminate existing breakouts due to its high concentration of essential fatty acids and saw palmetto berry, which work by normalizing the skin's sebum production.

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    As a skincare brand, It's our duty to mitigate our ecological footprint in order to help prevent the climate crises and secure a better future for life on Earth.

    For every single product sold at Loa Skin, we purchase 1 tree along with carbon credits which offsets the carbon emissions from shipping our products to customers. View our full reforestation and carbon offset impact here.

    Our shipping materials are almost entirely made of paper, and our glass bottles are fully recyclable. In terms of our formula, we don't use any ingredients derived from animals or palm oil, which come from some of the world's most environmentally destructive industries.

    Want to know more? Visit our sustainability page.

    Our Ingredients

    We meticulously selected 15 of the world's most effective and scientifically-studied botanicals to infuse into our formula. Grown in an ethical and high-quality manner, every ingredient in Botanical Beauty Elixir is certified vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free.

    To learn more about our ingredients, hover your mouse over each botanical.


    Palm Oil-Free

    Carbon Offsets

    Microbiome Friendly

    Science Driven


    Experience a new generation of skincare—one of simplicity where a single product replaces multiple steps in a beauty routine.

    Botanical Beauty Elixir replaces any lotion, cream, serum or moisturizer you currently use. It can also be used as an oil cleanser, make-up remover and primer, and a deep conditioning treatment for the hair.

    Designed to nourish and soothe all skin types; even the most sensitive.

    How to

    Easy as massage, wash, apply, repeat

    Our Biodynamic Formula

    Did you know the majority of water-based moisturizers evaporate off of the surface of the skin, providing very little moisturizing benefit?

    Botanical Beauty Elixir provides maximum absorption and moisturization: rich in omega-3 + 6 essential fatty acids, which easily penetrate into the skin's epidermis—the outer fatty layer of skin responsible for retaining moisture.

    Unique in-house infusion of botanicals: powerful fat-soluble phytonutrients and antioxidants are extracted into our Elixir which soothe redness, irritations, and minimize breakouts.

    Loa Transformations

    "I was sceptical that an oil could help with acne scarring but I was very wrong! This oil has given my face a smoother, softer and spot free look."

    "It is literally the only thing that works for my psoriasis that I get on my forehead due to Crohn's disease."

    "I've been using only the Botanical Beauty Elixir (no creams no cleansers) and it has dramatically turned around my skin."