"This has really helped keep my skin clear and I like that it doesn't have a strong smell. Also my skin was very dry and this has worked wonders for moisturizing. Love it! "
Elizabeth H.
"After using Lōa every night for 3-4 weeks now, my skin has felt much smoother and I wake up without any blemishes on my cheeks from rosacea. It's perfect for a base lotion under makeup to keep your skin hydrated all day and night. I would recommend this to others whom are looking for a gentle treatment for dry, irritated, troubled skin. Thanks!"
"I am so happy with this product! I have never used a natural oil on my face because I thought it would make it oilier but it hasn't. My skin is so much clearer and more balanced. I give this product an A++"
A Healing Helping Hand
"I have very fair, combination, easily clogged skin. I was fortunately able to try a very generous sample of this oil to tackle a sore, some breakouts on my back, and to help relieve some of the clogged pores on my face. I've been using the sample on hormonal breakouts and it's helped take down pimples and heal them more quickly. I've also been applying the oil to my back where I get breakouts in warmer weather and it's helping to heal those nicely as well. As for my sore that I'm trying to heal, it's been looking much better after several days of multiple applications. Unfortunately, with my super fair skin, I always tend to get post inflammatory marks that are red after something heals whether it be a sore, pimple, bite, etc. While I still have a lingering red mark from the sore, I have been diligent with several (2-3) applications a day to help any residual redness and to prevent permanent scarring. I'm pleased to say that the sore doesn't look indented and am quite hopeful that when the red mark fades the spot will be barely noticeable if at all. I'm so grateful to Spencer for providing me with such a lovely sample. His 'miracle' creation is definitely something I would consider purchasing in a full size. Also, as another added bonus, a little dab goes quite a long way!"
Fountain of Youth for your face!
"Great for wrinkles!!! Makes my skin look younger and tighter. I would definitely buy this again. I've been using retinol products for the past 10 years and this works better than any of them hands-down!"
Love it!
"Great product for acne. "
Alison C.
Fantastic Cleanser
"This makes for one of my favorites oil cleansers, because it cleans my skin without stripping it of its essential oils! It leaves my skin feeling clean, yet hydrated and nourished. Thank you!"
Joffery Hollsworth
Loved it
"The oil is perfect for facial cleansing and also moisturizing. I really noticed a difference in my skin as I used it. Great product!"
Love it!
"Took all my rednessness away due to rosacea. Non Greasy. Love it"