Little powerhouse oil
"I love this oil. I went through a really bad period of hormonal acne after coming off of birth control. Since then, my skin has cleared up mostly on its' own but I had a LOT of acne scars. Since I started using the oil more consistently, I've noticed a big improvement in the scars and general redness. I highly recommend. "
Eczema healing
"Been using the oil for about 3 weeks now and only the oil. I have eczema on my face (eyelids, cheeks, nose and around my mouth) I also have it on my arms. Water was even irritating it. I've been using only the Loa oil (no creams no cleansers) and it has dramatically turned around my skin. It's worked better than any cream and prescription or diet I've done."
love your oil :)
"xoxoxox thank you!"
Finally a product that really works!
"I have a combination skin i.e, my T-zone is oily and my cheeks are normal to dry. I have medium hormonal breakouts on my cheeks and my chin area and very rarely i get one or two breakouts on my forehead. No oil or moisturizer actually suits my skin or may be i don't get what is best for my skin. I apply tropical creams to combat my breakouts but they make my skin very dry and also leave very **** spots. Then I came across the Loa skin oil. I have been using this for almost 4 weeks now and i have seen tremendous improvement in my skin. I apply 3 drops 3 times a day on freshly washed face. My facial skin health in improving day by day. Breakouts have minimized, dark spots have lighten, complexion has become bright, skin has a glow and am sure with continued use i will get a skin that I had always dreamed about. The oil is not at all sticky it get absorbed very well and leaves a glow. I would recommend this oil for all skin types. It is full of natural ingredients, no harsh smell and no side effects. The quantity used is very less and so the product last really long. A big thumbs up to the Loa team!!"
Malabika M.
The item is really nice.
"The item is really nice. It has started working for me just in 2days. My face is getting clears from acne scars. Thank you so much. It works well "
Truly a miracle
"I've suffered from dehydrated, cystic acne for at least 12 years. After three weeks of use my skin is amazing. There are no words, but see my before and after photo. I'll be getting this for life!"
Christine S.
"I recently noticed my friend's skin had become super soft and supple. She had mentioned she was now using Loa Apothecary and gave me a small sample to take home. I couldn't believe how moisturized, soft and even toned my skin was after 4 days. I used this on a recent flight overseas, reapplied it twice throughout and found my skin was super hydrated when I arrived. My favourite part about the brand is that it's natural and loaded with essential nutrients that have been valuable sources in skincare for thousands of years. The price is amazing based on the results! Thank you LOA!"
Dayton James
Excellent Product
"So far this oil has worked wonders for my daughter's acne and it even takes scars away. Would definitely recommend."
Loa Is the best!
"I purchased this item because my cousin was insisting I try it. I have rosacea and psoriasis. It has helps both so much I’m hooked enough to take time to write this review in hopes it will help others Manage their skin issues similar to mine. I have already purchased a second bottle for a friend who has awful eczema. "
"Hi :) I have been using the oil since 2 weeks now and my skin has noticeably improved! I feel like dry patches have disappeared and its not dry and oily skin anymore but normal everywhere. I also feel like it helped with fading acne scars and building up a skin moisture barrier! Also blackheads and clogged pores have become less :) I also like the size of the bottle, ias it allows me to take it in the hand luggage on the plane (and it means I get to order fresh batches more often :)). I love that it is 100%organic, no chemicals and from sustainable agriculture! If you want negative feedback: maybe the smell could be improved, maybe in direction of more neutral or flowery? I also found an article online about how safflower oil supposedly makes your skin age faster as it oxidizes relatively easyly. I am not quite sure if it is a reliable source though as she doesnt mention any sources but thats the article in case youre interested: https://thedetoxdiva.com/is-your-face-oil-aging-you-pufas-and-your-skin/ I have been using the oil only at night though so thats not really a problem.. Overall I am really impressed by the product and cant imagine cutting it from my skincare routine. Thank you! Kind Regards Leonie"
Wonderful product
"Bought LOA Miracle Oil for my father who suffers from eczema and he loves this oil! It has made a significant difference and has become a staple in his routine. It's worked better than other products he has used in the past. "
"Love your product! "
Ilona H.
Staple in the house now!
"This oil is amazing for eczema, scaring and sensitive skin. I cannot use oil on my face at all without breaking out. This stuff does wonders for pimples, dry skin and eczema on my toddlers! Thank you! This stuff is fantastic! "
Marci B.
I love it!
"This is the first oil I have tried that I feel actually makes a difference! I have only been using it a couple of weeks... so I look forward to seeing the results after a few months of continued use!"
Muy Bueno!
"Super great product! Goes on light, moisturizers well and doesn't feel greasy or cause any issues as a result. Will be purchasing again for sure "
J D.
Big fan of this oil so far!
"I can already tell a difference after only about a week and a half. My skin feels smoother and softer, and my acne/inflammation is improving. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you!"
Simply lovely
"Will you make this in an 8 oz. bottle with a pump for the body?? I want to put it everywhere! I have to admit that I was surprised by this oil. While it may sound scary to some of those acne prone, this oil is richer and more nourishing than I expected, and the faint earthy scent is oh so lovely. It does literally calm my eczema and take away the redness but never breaks me out. My skin is sensitive and acne prone. Frankly, I am very grateful to have come across Loa in my internet search once I learned about the importance and deficiency of linoleic acid in acne prone skin. As much as facial oils are touted to serve oily skin, they don’t address that fact. So bravo to you Spencer for bringing light to this not so obvious fact AND keeping it so affordable! "
Shannon York
Amazing product
"I purchased this oil first time in Vancouver, from a health expo. I have been using it for about 7 months now and absolutely love it. In fact, I ordered some during Christmas time to give to my mom and best friend. Also, I have experienced one of the best customer service at the company, I highly recommend the oil :)"
Naina B.
"It is still early days but this oil has really cleared up my blackheads and tzone. My skin has never felt more balanced. "
Love it!
"This is a beautiful blend of oils that I love using on my self and my daughter to treat her ultra dry skin. Absorbs nicely and leaves skin feeling and looking smooth and healthy! "
Michelle T.
I love this oil!
"I have oily, aging, skin with acne/rosacea. This oil doesn't make me break out. I noticed I can go longer without touching up my makeup after using this oil. I use it at night and also in the morning. And, it's cruelty free! Thank you!"
Wonderful as always! A must have in my skincare routine!
"I dont know what I would do without this oil! I love it!"
Makayla Y.
I really like Lōa Oil
"I have flare ups of psoriasis patches that seem to begin just prior to Fall. I happened upon Lōa Oil last year and decided to give it a try. I apply it morning and night to the patches and within days I noticed a difference. Within a couple of weeks of continued use, I have found a huge difference. Some patches are completely gone, others are barely noticeable and I am not so self conscious. I have also used it on skin abrasions with great results and as my night time facial moisturizer. A little goes a long way! "
Leanne T.
Healing oil
"I used this oil to heal my sores I got from having shingles. It was comforting to the skin and the sores healed without forming scabs. "
Love it!!!
"I love the feel of it on my skin. My skin has improved so much since using this product. The smell is nice and subtle too! I will definitely buy another bottle in the future."
Love this Product
"I have just finished my first Bottle & have to say I'm extremely happy. If I owned a store here in Australia I'd stock it! Definitely recommend for anyone with inflammatory skin problems. "
A life saver!
"I have been struggling with severe Eczema flare ups on my face for quite some time now. It would get so bad that my face felt like it was constantly burning, I could barely talk without my skin breaking and bleeding, and it even formed and swelled up around my eyes. It was horrible to say the least. I had tried every type of product and remedy you could think of but nothing ever gave me good results. Until I discovered the Miracle Oil! Within the first day of using it all of the burning sensation and pain had left my face, the swelling around my eyes had gone down and my redness, scaling had descreasing by up to 80% and that was just from my first use! But since I have been using it regularily I can honestly say that my skin is in the best conditition it has been in a long time. I can't say enough positive things about this product. Its cruelty free, its vegan, its natural and it works!!"
Makayla Y.
Best Product EVER! :D
"I love this oil! Helps with dryness, acne, rashes and doesn’t leave an oily finish. You only need a little bit to cover your full face, so it lasts forever. I ran into Spencer at Vegexpo and he was so kind, not pushy at all but very confident in his product - as he should be. His skin was absolutely flawless so I was convinced right off the bat. I use the oil for my face primarily but also love to put it in my hair when dry or on small irritated parts of my skin. It is good for both overnight use or daytime. I don’t usually wear makeup, but when I do, it works great as a primer as well! Thank you so much Spencer, the Miracle Oil lives up to its name hands down."
Jada P.
Awesome service
"Hi I'm in New Zealand the oil arrived in very good time It's a beautiful product I bought it for my sons eczema And I also use it on my face :) It smells lovely and the properties of the essential oils are well know for its healing powers "
Daniela A.
Best Skin Care Product I've Ever Used!
"My husband and I can't live without Loa oil now! We took it travelling with us and used it as a skin serum, after-sun oil, insect bites, scalp treatments, and after shave and beard oil for my hubby. It's been the one skin care product we can't go anywhere without now. Love it! "
Ashley L.