• AGE 22
  • GENDER Female
"I started using LOA skin back in December. After over a month of using it, I have noticed a tremendous change in my skin. I normally get cystic acne every once and a while and was hesitant to use this at first because my skin is originally very oily. However, I find that I actually don't break out that much anymore. I only get some break out on my chin due to poor diet but will normally go away after a day or two. LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH."
Erika B.
First Time User
  • AGE 30
  • GENDER Female
"I started using Loa Oil about a month ago, and have noticed positive effects on my eczema-prone skin so far. My ezcema has improved, but some trouble areas are still irritated. I am going to continue using Loa in hopes of long term effects! I really like that the oil has a very mild scent, so I can use it liberally at any time of the day."
Danielle D.
Beautiful oil
  • AGE 57
  • GENDER Female
"I have extremeky sensitive skin to the point I will blister from chemicals or hashness plus I have very dry skin especially through Ontario winters. This oil is not greasy nor does it break me out. Very faint fragrance from the natural ingredients but pleasant. Must say I am extremely pleased. Nice bottle and very quick delivery in a well packaged box. Bravo on creating a really nice oil. "
Deena A.
I love LOA OIL
  • AGE 58
  • GENDER Female
"Great I love how it makes my skin feel. I used it exclusively (morning and night) without other lotions for about 2-3 weeks and found that I did need to supplement a face cream once per day as my skin felt a bit dry in spots. It looks like it is helping diminish my wrinkles! I feel really good about this product and plan on continuing to use it. "
Tracey B.
  • AGE 22
  • GENDER Female
"I found it very moisturizing. I tend to avoid heavy oils because I find it uncomfortable on my face, but Loa oil was a good consistency that worked well with my skin. I also gave one to my boyfriend who has very sensitive skin with occasional psoriasis and he liked it too! "
So j.
Life changing
  • AGE 33
  • GENDER Female
"I was out of ressources for my skin, which is pretty sensitive. Neither commercial products nor natural products could help my skin retain moisture or could help me get rid of hormonal pimples. Your oil was on sale on a retail website. Just told myself why not. WoW did it work! I could see it but most importantly, I could feel the difference. But, when you want something to work, you could just be imagining its results. But no, friends, family and colleagues started noticing my glowing skin. It really did change my life! "
Kim S.
  • AGE 27
  • GENDER Female
"I've been using this for over a month now, and my skin is loving it. I could already noticed a difference in pigmentation and texture after just one use. I haven't had a single breakout since I started using it, not even a hormonal one which I've had every month for years. I am so obsessed with this stuff! "
Lily G.
My only regret is buying the small bottle
"When I first started using LOA oil I was a little nervous. I have very oily skin and often times when I'd try to use an oil based product, it wouldn't work out how I'd hoped it would. I've been using LOA oil for two months now and I couldn't be happier with it. My skin has cleared up from these little bumps I would always suffer from, I'm moisturized and glowy. I love the feel of it, it's not greasy at all. I highly recommend this product to everyone I know and always tell them to get the larger size because that is my only regret with purchasing LOA oil. "
Inez D.
  • AGE 53
  • GENDER Female
"I saw this online and thought I would give it a try based on some of the reviews. It didn’t disappoint. I mainly use the oil on my cuticles and my feet because of a health condition. BOY is it working great. My hands and feet stay hydrated and look remarkable better. "
Margaret S.
Best thing for my skin by far
  • AGE 35
"I love LOA oil. I use it on face and body and it's resolved a number of skin concerns I've had including aging and sunspots on face and white bumps on arms. I love how it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. Amazing product!! I'm hooked. "
Jess L.
Perfectly moisturizing!
  • AGE 28
  • GENDER Female
"I’ve been using this oil for two weeks now before going to bed, and I can’t believe the results! My skin is soooo balanced. I had combination skin with it being way too oily and way too dry in spots, but within 2 weeks of using this oil, my skin is perfectly moisturized and even! And it still helps clear up skin too which is awesome. My face is clear and soft and I’m loving it! Will buy again and will continue to recommend it."
Love it!!!
  • AGE 38
  • GENDER Female
"Love this product! I have been looking for a product that is earth friendly & animal friendly! I feel good about using it because it is vegan, palm oil free and not tested on animals ... and my skin loves it! Thank you for making an amazing & ethical product! "
Ngaire L.
Fantastic Product
  • AGE 25
  • GENDER Female
"I absolutely love my LOA oil. I use it every day twice per day; in the morning and evening to cleanse and moisturise my face. My skin has never looked better. I am so happy with how soft my skin feels, and for minimising any breakouts that I had before! I also want to say that I messaged LOA directly via their instagram, and they proved to be so helpful with explaining how to use their product/ even how to make oil cleansers at home! I’m so pleased with LOA, I definitely will get a subscription box once I finish the bottle. 😘😘😘"
Aurelie F.
Great Product and Even Greater Customer Service!
  • AGE 50ish
  • GENDER Female
"Being a vegan, it is important to use only vegan and cruelty-free products. This oil is both and so much more. The product itself is fantastic - lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is very effective for dry sensitive skin like mine. After using it for only a few days, I have already seen improvement in my winter-dry skin. Also, Spencer went above and beyond to address an issue with my order. He genuinely cares about his customers and is a shining example of what a company should represent. Kudos!"
Linda R.
LOA oil
  • AGE 55
  • GENDER Female
"I love this oil. It is fast absorbing andvextremely moisturizing.I gave rosacea and does not aggravate it. The reddness has faded as well."
Nancy R.
Love it! New to face oil and I’m very impressed!
  • AGE 31
"I had never tried to face oil before, but my friend showed me this oil and I absolutely love it! It makes my face feel so soft and smooth and clear. I love how it feels when I put it on. I will be using this for a very long time!"
Casey G.
  • AGE 70
  • GENDER female
"I have used this twice, and already the redness around my nose and on my cheeks has vanished. Just amazing - I have tried so many serums and oils which have done nothing."
Sandy M.
Super moisturizing for winter
  • AGE 25
"Love using it at night. A little too oily for daytime use. Helps with my eczema spots on my arms and dry hands from cold, dry winter temps. I love it!"
Melanie D.
Favourite face oil hands down!!!
  • AGE 27
  • GENDER Female
"It's pure magic. "
kaeli b.
Smells awesome
  • AGE 43
"Cleared up dried skin associated with a cold sore in less than 24hrs."
Brenda H.
Miracle in a bottle
  • AGE 44
  • GENDER Female
"I suffer from psoriasis in my ears in turn makes them extremely itchy, I have prescribed medication wich burns so bad, then I discovered. LOA SKIN and it's changed my life! I just put a tiny drop in my ears and the itching stop immediately! "
bas k.
Love love love
  • AGE 29
  • GENDER Female
"My skin is so much smoother and the eczema around my eye is pretty much gone. On my second bottle of this stuff, highly recommend! "
Jenny M.
I’m a believer
  • AGE 37
  • GENDER Female
"It was a chance occurrence that I met a lovely gentleman at the Loa Oil booth at the PNE. He asked if I wanted to try a sample and I was instantly sold, especially when he explained why the oils are more effective than any cream. I get dry, flaky and cracked skin in summer and winter. This oil has saved me. It’s great to use right after a bath. I also read a review that said it helped someone’s eczema and it’s true, it is gentle enough for my preschooler but has been effective too. Thank you, Loa! It’s one of my go to gifts for people now!"
Christine G.
Dont know what I would do without it!
  • AGE 22
  • GENDER Female
"Love the new packaging! Winter is always hectic on my skin but Loa oil is keeping my skin moisturized and glowing! "
Makayla Y.
The Only Oil that Worked for Me!!
  • AGE 50
  • GENDER Female
"It seriously is the best oil I’ve used for my skin health. I have had eczema and skin issues for my whole life and I have tried many different products. None of them compare to Loa Oil for me!! I’m even giving a bottle to my daughter for Christmas as I know it will help her eczema as well. People constantly comment on this new glow my skin has and it has to be because of this!! I’m so glad I have found this miracle oil!! "
Kimberly O.
"This product is amazing. I will order it again in the future. "
"I was born with eczema and have had chronic issues for years. I have been looking for a product for years to no avail UNTIL NOW. Since I have been using Lao oil on my hands and face, I seldom have any issues. This oil truly is amazing. Thank you!!!!"
"This product is amazing. It soothes, softens and make your skin glow without clogging your pores. I have lupus and get weird rashes on my face and body. This has been a life saver and I have told my friends and family all about it. "
Nabjeet D.
Life changing!!
"I’ve had pigmentation/discolouration on my face for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried absolutely everything! Spent hundreds on skincare and nothing seemed to be working. I tried this on recommendation from a friend and I can’t believe the difference in just 2 weeks! My skin looks so amazing that I’ve been going out in public without foundation which I ah won’t done in years. I use it Day and night. The best part is it gives a beautiful dewy glow when worn under makeup also!"
I Love My LOA
"I saw a woman at a restaurant and noticed how beautiful her skin was. I asked her what product she used and she said she only used LOA. I ordered a small bottle and I was delighted with how soft it made my skin. I just purchased my second bottle, a larger one this morning one. It’s also very affordable and made in Canada."