Love your product! One week in and I'm already seeing a difference... My skin is hydrated and no longer peeling. Redness and inflamation from 13 years (severe) cystic acne has already significantly decreased. I can actually feel it working!

Alison Carlson

This oil is amazing. I bought and in just two days it greatly improved my condition. I am suffering from topical steroid withdrawal and as people with this know, almost everything you put on your skin causes it to sting, including water. This does not sting my skin so I apply it several times a day. It has calmed my skin down considerably and greatly reduced the flaking on my face (only place affected by TSW, my body went through it a year ago). I'm truly amazed at this oil and will continue to use it even when my withdrawal is over. Another sufferer recommended it to me.

Carol Arsenault