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Best Canadian Natural Face and Body Oil Products for Nourishing Dry Skin
Modern Mix Van - October 09, 2018
"I got a sunburn and skin allergy due to a bike trip in the hot sun. After reaching home, I applied this oil to the affected areas. Honestly, it delivered a fast soothing effect on my sun-burnt skin."
Loa Skin Miracle Oil Review
I Am Girly - January 15, 2018
"This oil actually starts skin healing from the very first use. Every morning you wake up with a fresh face. It reduced the red acne marks on my face."
The Beauty Journal - September 20, 2017
"I simply massaged a meager amount and voila, it did work wonders on my patchy/dry skin, it sinks in amazingly, leaving a soft and smooth surface. I was amazed!"
Review: Loa Miracle Oil
Ramblings of a Lazy Girl - July 24, 2017
"I was noticing some heat rashes before using the oil. Firstly, as I applied the oil, the area immediately soothed. After a week of regular use, the rashes were completely healed and the skin of that area got smooth and supple."
Heal Your Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis With Miracle Oil From LOA Skin Care
Shreemayee's Diary - July 04, 2017
"When I woke up in the morning, I could see my acne (around mouth area and forehead) subside to more than 50% from what it was a day before and the redness that was there causing inflammation was gone."
Loa - Miracle Oil | How To Use | Review + Price
Think It Over - June 23, 2017
"I love how lightweight it is. The oil absorbs quickly so your face doesn’t feel greasy. It has helped with my acne and I’m excited to see how well it works on my dry skin come winter."
4 Natural Skincare Brands To Check Out
Lipstick & Confetti - June 20, 2017
"For dry skin or flaky areas this oil worked instantly. It soothes the skin and makes it look moisturized and plump. After applying it a couple of times the skin parts that were flaky got smooth and stopped peeling."
LOA Skin Care - Miracle Oil
Reviewed by Spacey - June 02, 2017
"My skin is calmer, previous rashes have died down more or less, it’s less red, more smooth and hydrated."
LOA Miracle Oil Review
Juliana's Topical Steroid Withdrawal Journey - May 28, 2017
"Does Miracle Oil really calm inflammatory conditions? The answer to this is a very big YES❤️ And you will not believe how fast it works. My mother occasionally gets skin irritation (itchy feeling) followed by inflammation. Last night she observed some random red bumps around her neck and she applied this before going to bed. To her surprise, those red bumps disappeared the very next morning."
Khadija Beauty - May 28, 2017
"I had my first acne breakout and I was scared. It was this product which I included in every step of my skin care and now my skin is back to normal, in fact, even better!"
LOA Miracle Oil Review
B Thirteen - May 02, 2017
"I get pimples sometimes and the surrounding skin will be quite red (inflamed). I was shocked to return to a mirror a couple of hours after applying Miracle Oil and finding the redness diminished almost entirely!"
LŌA Skin Care
Living Cruelty-Free in Canada - April 20, 2017
"I massaged the oil on my face before going to bed and the next morning I saw a 50% reduction in marks."
Get Rid of Pimples/Acne and Marks in a week with LOA Skincare Miracle Oil
The Pink Velvet Blog - March 14, 2017
"Have been using it for over a week now, and so far so good! I feel like my skin stays nice and hydrated for a longer period of time, and I find that my forehead is less itchy, a problem I had regularly due to my overly dry and sensitive skin."
Loa Apothecary – Miracle Oil
myFridgie - March 11, 2017
"It is light weight, absorbs quickly, and thoroughly nourishes the skin. A little goes a long way."
Loa Skin Care Miracle Oil
Leaping Bunny - January 26, 2017
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love your product! One week in and I'm already seeing a difference... My skin is hydrated and no longer peeling. Redness and inflamation from 13 years (severe) cystic acne has already significantly decreased. I can actually feel it working! LOA 'miracle' oil has done more for my skin in one week than ProActive has done in 6 months. Screw going to a dermo. This stuff works!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"This oil is amazing. I bought and in just two days it greatly improved my condition. I am suffering from topical steroid withdrawal and as people with this know, almost everything you put on your skin causes it to sting, including water. This does not sting my skin so I apply it several times a day. It has calmed my skin down considerably and greatly reduced the flaking on my face (only place affected by TSW, my body went through it a year ago). I'm truly amazed at this oil and will continue to use it even when my withdrawal is over. Another sufferer recommended it to me."
Carol Arsenault
January 30, 2017 -